"Rob Williams' Athleticism workshop was of great benefit to our students, and should be a requirement for all coaches, trainers, athletes and any individual interested in personal fitness and wellness."
Nancy Archbould & Henny Coates - Phys. Ed. Teachers
Magee Secondary School

"After just one session with Rob I felt way more stable on my feet. My cuts were stronger and more explosive, I broke tackles much easier, and when I got knocked off balance I recovered more quickly. His adjustments have made me feel like a better athlete all around."
Cole Theobald - Senior Quarterback
Argyle High School Football

"I love the intense, physical nature of football, and I always play as explosively as I can. The SportCore techniques have given me a whole new level of speed, agility and power that I didn’t know was possible. Every athlete should train this way."
Leon Kyoya - Handsworth High School Football Safety

​2X Team BC Member - International Cup Winner

"We implemented the SportCore Performance program near the end of our season. It was clear that our players needed improvement in their stability and better control over their bodies. In the short time we've worked with Rob, our players are beginning to see the improvement, and it is translating onto the ice. We look forward to seeing further improvement in our athletes as we move forward."
Head Coach Yashar Farmanara - Hollyburn Huskies Midget A1 Hockey

"I've always wondered how the "freak" athletes are able to perform the way they do. After meeting and working with Rob Williams, I now have a better understanding. In my athletic career, I've worked with a lot of trainers and coaches, but no one has been able to explain and demonstrate how to efficiently and powerfully use my body like Rob. I guarantee Rob will enable you to reach your full athletic potential."
Justin James - Professional Baseball Pitcher

"The SportCore system has to be one of the most effective athletic performance strategies in sport. I'll be using it in my own training and with every athlete I work with in the future."
Matt Houston - NCAA University of Washington Huskies Linebacker 2006-2010

University of Hawaii - Strength & Conditioning Coach

"This is a missing dimension athletes need for optimal performance, and an essential aspect of any serious conditioning program. Through proper position, core and movement strategies Rob is addressing weaknesses that have quietly compromised my skating power and playing strength for years. It's hard to believe my teammates and I have been competing at an elite level without this kind of training."
Andrew Cogliano - NHL Hockey Player, 2009 NHL SuperSkills Fastest Skater
"The SportCore approach has been extremely helpful in my training and very relevant to my sport of field hockey. I am much more aware of how I should be moving in order to maximize my efficiency and potential. I can see and feel how important this type of training is in order to be a successful athlete."
Hailey Reeves - Princeton University Field Hockey
“I’ve been training for sports for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never been exposed to many of the performance concepts that Rob covers. His training and focus on the core are essential for any athlete wanting to maximize their explosiveness and athleticism." 
Kyle Kawamoto, 4th Year Receiver – NCAA Simon Fraser University Football