"I’ve observed how optimal alignment and movement strategies can provide a competitive advantage to any athlete or team in terms of enhanced player performance, injury prevention and treatment outcomes. This really is a unique and valuable addition to the therapy-conditioning continuum in sport." 

Bob Lenarduzzi

President – MLS Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame

US National Soccer Hall of Fame 

stable and powerful core prevents shear weakness
unstable core with energy leakage and shearing

Justin James - Pro Baseball Pitcher

​SPORTCORE is a proven, but largely untapped concept in athletic performance enhancement.

The approach is focused on retraining and recalibrating an athlete's body to optimize their:

  1. Body Position
  2. Core Stability
  3. Movement Strategy
By maximizing the 2 primary power centers of the body (the lumbo-abdominal core and the hip-pelvic complex) any athlete can perform at levels far exceeding their previous personal best. 

These power centers, aka the SPORTCORE, must function in an integrated fashion to control an athlete's body position and movement. Without proper activation and engagement of the SPORTCORE, there is no intrinsic stability of the pelvic ring and lumbar spine, and the athlete's body is subject to energy leakage, movement dysfunction and impaired performance.

Hailey Reeves - NCAA Field Hockey

the goal

Any athlete or coach, at any level of sport, will benefit from knowledge of the SPORTCORE system and how to apply it to training.


An athlete who can see, feel and correct their weaknesses and imbalances will have the best chance at achieving peak performance. 

A qualified coach who can assess these weaknesses, and understands the principles of athleticism and movement will be well-equipped to develop the best players possible.

Any team comprised of finely-tuned, powerful athletes who are less susceptible to injury will have a distinct advantage in any sport or league.

Our goal is to bring awareness to the importance of these subtle, yet powerful aspects of training.

rob williams

As a kinesiologist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Movement Coach for the last 23 years, with more than 30,000 hours of coaching, Rob has seen every body type, training goal and athletic injury possible. 


He has consulted for professional and amateur sports teams, coaches, athletes, sports medical practitioners, corporations and organizations to improve their performance through quality movement and intelligent conditioning. Rob has presented on the topic of posture and body alignment at the American Medical Association's international conference on physician health.

Rob's SPORTCORE system addresses a missing dimension between the fields of technical coaching, performance conditioning and athletic therapy. Teaching athletes to move efficiently, with stability and power, is something that coaches and conditioning specialists must learn to do.